Full disclosure: I tried, way too hard I might add, to make a fracking pun in the title of this podcast. Couldn’t make it work. Most likely because all the good fracking puns have been done to death. But enough of the peek behind the curtain, on with the show – and the blog post.

Today’s guest is Hannah Wiseman, a professor of law and expert on fracking and oil & gas production who currently teaches at Florida State University’s College of Law but is transitioning to Penn State Law. Her work has extensively looked at the states that have experienced booms in oil and gas production and how much those states regulate the industry. Her work is also colored by having lived in two states – Texas and Oklahoma – where there have been major oil and gas production booms due to unconventional production methods.

We talk about how the law splits rights for the persons who own land on the surface and the people who own the mineral rights for the natural resources below the ground, the disparities between states when it comes to regulating the industry or providing protections to surface owners, and land on some surprises for who has the most stringent and least stringent regulations and enforcement of those regulations. We also talk about the lack of federal regulation, why that is, and where there is room for federal regulation to improve.

You can find the conversation with Professor Hannah Wiseman on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on your favorite podcast app. You can read Professor Wiseman’s research on SSRN. If you are looking for something specific to read, I came across this new article on LinkedIn that Professor Wiseman co-authored with James Coleman and a former CAP⋅impact podcast guest Tara Righetti.

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