California’s Department of Consumer Affairs, more commonly known as DCA, is responsible for protecting California consumers. The DCA does this through oversight enforcement and licensure of professions. By regulating the professional licenses, DCA protects consumers from unscrupulous and unqualified professionals and professionals from unfair competition by unlicensed practitioners.

The DCA is comprised of 37 different boards, bureaus, and commissions, which are found in Business and Professions Code § 100. All of these different boards, bureaus, and commissions ensure private businesses and professionals engaged in these activities are properly licensed. Each of these boards or bureaus are required by statute to meet twice per year, once in Northern California and once in Southern California. These meetings are open to the public, including licensed professionals the board or bureau regulates.

These boards, bureaus and commissions are required to establish minimum qualifications and levels of competency for licensure. Most importantly, these DCA boards, bureaus, and commissions are responsible for addressing any grievances that are filed by consumers regarding alleged unprofessional conduct or even incompetence fraud or unlawful activity.

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