In August 2018, Sonoma City Councilmember Rachel Hundley was attacked by an anonymous group of internet trolls. Their tactic? Take pictures that Rachel had posted on her own Instagram account from Burning Man and combine those with some inflammatory accusations on a website. Their goal? Blackmail Rachel into not running for re-election by threatening to

On today’s episode of The CAP⋅impact Podcast we are diving in to California’s primary election. If you listen to news and politics podcasts, it’s very likely that you’ve already heard about California’s Top Two primary system – likely within the context of how the system could have led to Democratic candidates being  shut out of

Election Day for the primary election in California isn’t until June 5. But for the campaigns and candidates up and down the ballot, election season started yesterday when vote-by-mail ballots started going out.

In some counties, including the county I call home – Sacramento – this year’s primary will be a little different. As CALmatters

Why it’s difficult to raise $900 million to fight obesity and diabetes

Full disclosure: I recorded this interview with Erinn Ryberg – Leg. Director to Assembly Member Cristina Garcia and McGeorge Class of ’13 – in late December 2017. So, we refer frequently to “this year” and “next year” with this year meaning