Misconception Monday – Committee Hearings

Today’s Misconception Monday podcast concerns committee hearings. Before we dive in, remember that you can find all my Misconception Monday podcasts here.

Today’s first misconception has to do with the legislative calendar, which states, “No committees may meet during the last two weeks of session,” but that

Rules for Effective Lobbying – Part 8 – Don’t Ignore the Minority Party

In today’s podcast, I talk about my eighth rule for being an effective lobbyist: don’t ignore the minority party.  There are a number of reasons supporting this rule, among them: common courtesy, you may need their votes

Staffing a Committee

With the Legislature set to return to session in just a few short weeks, I sat down with Erinn Ryberg – the Legislative Director for Assembly member Cristina Garcia, to talk about some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to staffing committee.

When it comes