Advocacy in Practice with Judge Allison Claire

I recently sat down with Judge Allison Claire, a United States Magistrate Judge in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. We discussed her advice to attorneys practicing in her courtroom and chambers, and in the Eastern District more generally.   To hear her insights, please visit the links below.

Judge Allison Claire’s page on the District Court’s website.

The Eastern District Court’s Local Rules (effective April 1, 2017).

Judge Claire’s Local, Local rules.

Judge Claire’s rule regarding Informal Telephonic Conferences re Discovery Disputes.

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Well hello to you lady’s and possibly gentle men,Now Mrs Claire i’ve heard your name before . i’ve got a couple of cases in your civil court . I’ve talked with your clerk a couple of time she seem very nice . My question to you is would you help someone that is in a grave comspiricy, get out of it ,or would you let that person waddle in the unproven to him the unknown. Would you allow someone to put a 5150 label on someone in your civil court.and you that person from his writing to you seems not to be. Would you help in anyway you can that is right in the name of God and the Federal court. Would you know if cases where done on the same cases in State court.. i would love your insite Mrs Claire.

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