Advocacy In Practice with Chris Micheli

Today’s podcast should feel a little familiar and a little different at the same time. On CAP·impact we explore two types of advocacy – advocacy in the courts and advocacy in the legislative/regulatory arena. McGeorge’s Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, Mary-Beth Moylan, has an excellent series of interviews with judges and justices on advocacy in the courts.

Today’s podcast is a spin on those interviews, but talking with legislative and regulatory advocates instead of judges, about their advice to new lobbyists and provide their insights into the lobbying profession. I think back to Ray LeBov’s first rule for effective lobbying and see these interviews that I’ll be doing with lobbyists as an extension of that. If Rule #1 is to be a sponge, these interviews are intended to be a good starting point for soaking up some do’s and don’ts of the lobbying profession.

We are starting out by talking to McGeorge Capital Center adjunct professor, McGeorge School of Law alum, and respected lobbyist, Chris Micheli. Our conversation explores what he thinks makes him as effective as he is at his job. We also go into some general discussion about the lobbying profession a little more broadly, and briefly discuss one of my favorite movies – Thank You For Smoking.

It’s a fun and interesting conversation about the lobbying profession. Enjoy!