On this week’s episode of The CAP·impact Podcast we talk with four legal experts about the shooting of Stephon Clark and the issues that have risen to the surface since that fateful night. Our experts are: former Deputy District Attorney – and McGeorge alumna – Alana Mathews; criminal defense attorney – and McGeorge alumnus – Keith Staten; civil right and criminal defense attorney Justin Ward; and Dr. Obed Magny, and founding member of the American Society of Evidence Based Policing (ASEBP) and an officer with Sacramento PD in the Professional Standards Unit, Dr. Obed Magny. NOTE: Dr. Magny is only speaking in his capacity as a member of ASEBP.

The impact of Stephon Clark’s death on the community is not to be understated. Sacramento made national news with the response of the police force during and after the shooting. It’s an issue that strikes very close to home for the panelists – both on emotional and geographic levels. We talked through various conflicting views about the videos released by the police, the possible future actions through legislation, and if awareness and activism surrounding police shootings can lead to future change in the relationship between law enforcement officials and the communities that they are sworn to protect.

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