This week’s episode of The CAP·impact Podcast features a case study in one of Ray LeBov’s Rules for Effective Lobbying: not letting the perfect become the enemy of the good. Today we are talking with folks from two organizations that regular readers and podcast listeners will be familiar with – the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Specifically, we talk with the Partnership’s Jacquie Marroquin and CALCASA’s John Finley about their organizations’ joint effort to secure a $50 million allocation in the General Fund of California’s state budget for sexual assault and domestic violence prevention programs. It’s an effort that we talked with John Finley about previously.

Since the California Legislature passed the state budget last week, what better time than now to check in with Jacquie and John about how the effort panned out. You can likely figure out, in rough terms, what the outcome was, just based on the title of today’s show alone. But don’t tune out because while the title gives away the overall outcome, it doesn’t spoil any of the details.

Today’s show also features an explanation of the lobbying process for California’s state budget from McGeorge Capital Lawyering adjunct professor Chris Micheli.

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