An In Depth Conversation on Capital Lawyering Courses (transcript)

Today’s post is the final post in my series on the Capital Lawyering coursework offered at McGeorge School of Law. My previous posts in this Capital Lawyering series have looked specifically at the Intro to Capital Lawyering  – soon to be called Capital Lawyering and Policy Making – and Lawmaking in California courses offered at McGeorge. To close out the series I sat down with Jon Wainwright and we talked about some of the different specifics of the courses.

For example, we talk about the background of the adjunct professors who teach McGeorge’s Capital Lawyering courses. Intro to Capital Lawyering/ Capital Lawyering and Policy Making is taught by the former Chancellor of the California Community College system, Tom Nussbaum. My co-teacher of the Lawmaking in California course is the Legislative Counsel, Diane Boyer-Vine.

We also talk about what makes the Capital Lawyering coursework unique compared to more traditional law school courses. One example of that uniqueness is that the Lawmaking in California course isn’t held at the law school’s campus, but rather at the State Capitol, and Jon and I trade anecdotes about how being in the Capitol towards the end of session can make the dynamics in the building more interesting for students.

It was a fun conversation and an interesting way to wrap up my series on Capital Lawyering. If you are thinking about going to law school, and are also interested in working in or around California’s state capital, be it in the California Legislature, or at a lobbying firm, or in house at a company or trade association, or a State Agency, I encourage you to listen to this series of podcasts.