A long and busy week means for a short post on the news because, well, it’s been a really hard week to keep on the news with. Why the long week you might ask? Well, the week started off with this:

And the week also included a lot of planning for next week’s California Initiative Review. So with all of that in mind, here’s the stories that jumped out at me this week. It is only a small coincidence that I found the first one today.


When Twitter users hear out the other side, they become more polarized by Ezra Klein

Jon’s take: When I was an undergrad at UC Berkeley, this is the study I dreamed of doing when I dreamed of pursuing a PhD. That said, I’m not all that surprised by these results. Most of the political psychology research I’ve read indicates that the more you are exposed to viewpoints that conflict with your own, the more your own viewpoints harden. I did find it interesting that the effect was more pronounced on conservative Twitter users than liberal ones.  The follow up study that I’d like to see done after this is one where you put that tiny sliver of the electorate this is true swing voters and see if you can push them down the ideological scale – one way or the other – with these bots.

Sacramento Bee

As Mega Millions payout hits $1 billion, here’s your guide to winning the lottery by James Patrick

Jon’s take: Fear not, faithful readers. I’ll still write these posts and host The CAP⋅impact Podcast even after I become a multimillionaire. #DontQuitYourDayJob