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Proposition 1: Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018

Current Law                                                                                                                             

  • The Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Acts of 2002 and 2006 were passed by voters to provide a total of $4.95 billion in state bonds to fund various housing programs.
  • The Veterans’ Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1974 provides veterans with the opportunity to acquire farms and homes. The program has been partly financed through state bonds.

Proposed Law

  • Proposition 1 will authorize 4 billion in bond funding for existing affordable housing programs and for the veterans home loan program.
  • The cost of the affordable housing bonds to the State would be about $170 million annually for 35 years. No direct costs to the State for the veterans housing bond.

Proposition 1 Bond Fund Allocation

Program Purpose Amount
Affordable Multifamily Housing

  • Multifamily Housing Program
  • Local Housing Trust Matching Grant
Construct and renovate affordable housing, including rental housing for lower income households. $1.8 billion

  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • Infill Incentive Grant
Construct housing in urbanized infill areas and near public transportation. Improve infrastructure such as parks, water, sewer, and transit in infill areas. $450 million
Home Ownership

  • Home Purchase Assistance Program
  • Self-Help Housing Program
Assist low- and moderate-income homebuyers to build or purchase homes, including mobile homes. $450 million
Farmworker Housing Construction or rehabilitation of rental or owner-occupied housing for farmworkers. $300 million
Veterans Home Loan Finance farm, home, and mobile home purchase assistance for veterans. $1 billion

Policy Considerations

Yes on Proposition 1 No on Proposition 1
  • There is an extreme housing shortage with 2.2 million low income renter households competing for 664,000 affordable rental homes.
  • $1 billion will be dedicated to providing affordable housing to veterans.
  • Prop. 1 will create 137,000 new jobs and pump $23.4 billion into California’s economy.
  • California already has $74.2 billion in debt from general obligation bonds.
  • 1 will only lead to 15,000 affordable housing units being built at $300,000 per unit.
  • Prop. 1 does not require periodic audits to ensure the money is being spent in accordance with the initiative’s intent.

Analysis of Proposition 1 provided by John Ponce and Henry Mantel.