Election Day (Tuesday, November 6) is just 4 days away, which means it is crunch time for those who haven’t finished making up their minds on the races up and down the ballot as well as the ballot initiatives facing voters in this midterm election.

If you want to learn more about some of the candidate races, you can refer back to our series on what California’s Constitutional Officers actually do, or you can revisit some of Chris Micheli’s post comparing the powers of the Governor and the US President.

As for the ballot initiatives, McGeorge recently had it’s California Initiative Review forum where students analyzed the initiatives and presented their objective and non-partisan analysis to the public. We recently posted a brief analysis of the propositions here on CAP⋅impact, but if you want a more in depth analysis of the initiatives, feel free to check out The CAP⋅impact Podcast where we’ve been posting the audio for the Initiative Review – including audience questions. The audio from the two sections of the California Initiative Review are below, and you’ll find the third and final audio segment in the podcast’s feed on Monday.

Lastly, if you’re not sure where your polling place is, there is a handy Find Your Polling Place tool on the Secretary of State’s website that will tell you where you need to go to vote on November 6.

California Initiative Review – Part 1: Bond Measures


California Initiative Review – Part 2: Taxes & Time