McGeorge Adjunct Professor Chris Micheli

There are some firms that work to support lobbyists through managing coalitions, directing grassroots campaigns, conducting public outreach, or other indirect efforts to enhance or promote the efforts of lobbyists. There are a handful of public affairs firms in Sacramento that do this type of work. There are firms that specialize in social media lobbying that create websites and digital media campaigns to influence lawmakers’ decision making. There are also strategic communications firms that focus support lobbyists’ efforts through op-ed writing, organizing press conferences, and the like.

Additional efforts, either in-house or from a public affairs firm, can include helping to organize lobby days, conducting research and collecting data, engaging in educational efforts, planning receptions or events, and otherwise creating materials to help the lobbying team such as background papers or even support and opposition letters. Whether created in house or by a contract firm, the development of advocacy support materials is an important role for those who support lobbying efforts. Drafting letters of support or opposition, developing key talking points, writing one-pagers, researching the legal or legislative history of issues, they are all important support services for direct lobbying efforts.

It is also important to have a coalition to make your advocacy efforts successful, especially if the bill or regulation is controversial or will require substantial work to get adopted or to be defeated. While many bills do not require as much outside support efforts, there are always issues that require “a heavy lift” and advocating those issues are better served with a coordinated direct and indirect lobbying effort.

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