Earlier today, McGeorge School of Law sent the email below out across the country to highlight the amazing professors that I’ve had the chance to talk to on The CAP⋅impact Podcast. As you know, earlier this year we re-imagined The CAP⋅impact Podcast. We took a show that was one of many podcasts looking at legislation and policy issues in California and transformed it. From January onwards, we’ve been exploring how legal scholars are changing law and public policy at all levels of government across the country. The goal was to demonstrate that the work and research that happens in the “ivory tower” has a real-world impact. I am proud to say that through the collection of interviews we published over the first half of 2019 that we accomplished that goal.

I have been fortunate to interview twenty different professors with a wide variety of specialties ranging from climate change to data privacy to voting rights. Every professor I have talked to has blown me away with their knowledge, experience, and expertise. It’s exciting to see this podcast get pushed out nationally, and I am looking forward to continuing to having these engaging conversations about public policy.

The picture below links to the email, which has links to the individual episodes, or you can listen to all our episodes of The CAP⋅impact Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, and everywhere else that podcasts are listened to.

And if you are a law professor who is shaping or changing public policy and I haven’t talked to you yet, I want to talk to you. Please send me an email at jwainwright@pacific.edu and let’s talk about the work that you are doing.