I sat down with McGeorge alum and adjunct professor Chris Micheli to talk about the new textbook he co-edited with Ray LeBov – as well as co-wrote with Ray and nearly 40 other lawyers, lobbyists, and political pros in Sacramento – A Practitioner’s Guide to Lobbying and Advocacy in California. The new book is a first of it’s kind in that there are no other books out there that teach lobbying in California.

Which, when you think about it, is kind of nuts. When it comes to public policy in the United States, there’s DC, and there’s Sacramento. California has the sixth-largest economy in the world and is home to counties that have larger populations than many other states in the U.S. Those factors alone require innovative public policies and to affect those kinds of changes, you need to know how to navigate the legislative and regulatory processes here in California, which are unlike those in D.C. or in other states.

The book is available in hard copy and digital; and all proceeds from the sale of the book go to scholarships for political science graduate students.