McGeorge Adjunct Professor Chris Micheli

There are several code sections that set forth legislative powers and duties. These statutes were added by Prop 24 in 1984 and are found in Title 2, Division 2, Part 1, Chapter 8, Article II of California’s Government Code.

Government Code section 9910 states that the Speaker is responsible for the efficient conduct of the legislative and administrative affairs of the state Assembly and that he or she is elected upon organization of the Assembly at the beginning of each regular or special session. The speaker serves until adjournment sine die of that session, unless removed, in which case a successor is chosen. Government Code section 9914 similarly provides for the Senate Pro Tempore.

Government Code section 9911 provides for an Assembly Committee on Rules that consists of the Speaker of the Assembly – who chairs the Committee – and six other members, with three coming from the party with the most members in the Assembly and three from the party with the second most members. Section 9915 creates the Senate Committee on Rules, with the Senate Pro Tem as Chair and four more members, divided equally between members of the two parties with the most members.

Government Code sections 9912 and 9916 give the Assembly and Senate, respectively, the power to assign bills to committees in their respective houses, to appoint the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of committees, and to have general direction over their respective houses.

Government Code section 9917 specifies that there is a Joint Rules Committee. The Joint Rules Committee is comprised of the combined membership of the Assembly Committee on Rules as well as the Senate Committee on Rules, and two other members of the Senate, one to be elected by the party having the largest number of members in the Senate and one to be elected by the party having the second largest of members. The committee created has a continuing existence and may meet and act during sessions of the Legislature or any recess or interim period.

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