McGeorge Adjunct Professor Chris Micheli

There are a number of sections in California’s Government Code that set forth the operation of statutes and resolutions. These statutes in the Government Code were enacted back in 1943 and can be found in Title II, Division 2, Part 1, Chapter 6 of California’s Government Code.

Included in the many sections of this part of the Government Code are:

  • Provisions governing the enactment date of statutes, with four exemptions (Section 9600)
    • If enacted during a regular session, on January 1 of the following year
    • If enacted during a special session, on the 91st day after the adjournment of the special session
  • Provisions governing the effective date of resolutions (Section 9602)
    • They take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State
  • The general rules of statutory construction (Section 9603)
  • Restatements of statutes (Section 9604)
    • When provisions of one statute are carried into another and required to be construed as restatements or continuations (not as new enactments) then any reference made by any statute, charter, or ordinance to that restatements must be deemed as a reference to the restatement or continuation.
  • Repealed Statutes (Section 9605)
  • Vested rights (Section 9606)
    • Any statute may be repealed at any time except when vested rights would be impaired.
  • Revival of repealed statutes (Section 9607)
    • No statute or part of a statute that’s been repealed by another statute is revived by the repeal of the repealing statute without express words reviving the originally repealed statute.
  • Termination or suspension of laws (Section 9608)
    • If a law creating a criminal offense is terminated or suspended does not constitute a bar to the indictment of information or punishment for an act already committed in violation of the law unless expressly declare by an applicable provision of law.
  • Amending a repealed statute (Section 9609)
  • Public salaries (Section 9610)
  • Suspended provisions of laws (Section 9611)

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