By: Colin Nystrom

Pixar’s Wall-E gives an example of the effect AB 1133 could have on the California beer landscape. Everywhere you look in the film, the walls and screens are covered with global monopoly Buy n Large’s branding. With so much marketing, the population begin to mindlessly consume the corporation’s products and ultimately loses

By: Josh La Bella

AI overpowering and subsequently overtaking humankind has scared people for decades. Movies like I, Robot showcase the grim reality of an AI-dominated world where AI ignores the original confines humans assigned to them. Other movies—like The Terminator—toy with the idea that if AI becomes dominant, it will do anything to

Greensheets Staff Writer Lauren Hirota

 By: Lauren Hirota

We’ve all seen the movie Concussion, and if you haven’t—you should. It tells the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu’s discovery of the degenerative brain disorder Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (“CTE”) in NFL players. With the success of the movie—coupled with countless stories of ex-NFL, high school, and youth football player’s suicides flooding

By: Christy Grellas

I am one of the many Americans who is staying up to date with the college admissions scandal. It combines celebrities, elite universities, and fraud into a perfect media storm. Throughout the scandal, many wealthy parents across the United States paid Rick Singer roughly $25 million, in total, to get their children

Greensheets Staff Writer Maddy Orlando who wrote on California's "PG&E Bailout" billBy: Maddy Orlando

California seemingly cannot escape wildfires. Wildfires are to California what hurricanes are to Florida and tornadoes are to Texas. The Tubbs fire in 2017 broke the record for most destructive wildfire in California history, only for 2018’s Camp Fire to break that record one year later. In addition to being the most

Greensheets staff writer Mike Adams at McGeorge School of Law

By: Mike Adams

Kids these days with their newfangled smartphones! It’s stunting their brains!

It sounds like a clichéd complaint from an older generation, but that grouchy old curmudgeon might actually be right. Modern social science research is starting to uncover some very serious negative effects of excessive screen time. Depression and lowered school achievement

By: Thomas Gerhart

I always thought of the “Wild West” as a time period. I understood it to represent westward expansion during the mid-to-late 1800s. It evoked the idea of historical figures like Wyatt Earp, “Buffalo Bill” Cody, and Billy the Kid. Then, I watched the HBO series Deadwood, which highlighted lawlessness in unsettled