Is it deal making, or vote trading?

In this podcast, I explore a question that is often discussed by Capitol observers: Are legislative negotiations considered deal making – and lawful – or vote trading – which would be improper at best, or illegal at worst? We’ll take a look at the relevant constitutional

Protecting Free Speech with Shelby Emmett

I recently sat down with Shelby Emmett, the Director of the Center to Protect Free Speech at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC, for short). Shelby, and the Center to Protect Free speech are based in Arlington, VA.

When it comes to

Misconceptions – Bills

Welcome to Misconception Monday. This is the first in a series of podcasts that will go up on Mondays about common misconceptions about the California lawmaking process.

Each week, I will dispel misconceptions around one aspect of that process. Today, in my first podcast in the series, I will go

Advocacy in Practice with Justice Andrea Lynn Hoch

I sat down with Associate Justice Andrea Lynn Hoch from the California Third District Court of Appeal. We discussed the many facets of her work at the Court as well as her insights, observations, and tips for attorneys appearing before her, and

The Importance of Honesty

In this In Practice podcast, I talk about my second rule for being an effective lobbyist, which is to always be honest. There are many reasons why it is important to always be honest, but perhaps the best reason is that it is easier to remember

Effectively using imagery, simile, and metaphor

In this In Practice podcast, I discuss how telling a compelling story can help an advocate clarify points and simplify complex topics. To be able to tell these stories, an advocate’s skills are greatly enhanced by a solid grasp of how to effectively use

Be a Sponge

In this In Practice podcast, I talk about my first rule for being an effective lobbyist, which is to be a sponge. It might sound fairly common sense, but this rule has served me well throughout my career as an advocate. These are not just helpful for