legislative committees


After the introduction of a new bill in the California Legislature, or upon a bill passing one house and moving over to the second house for further consideration, that measure must be referred to a committee for a hearing.

The referral or assignment of a bill is

Legislative Committee Rules (transcript)

Today’s post is on legislative committee rules.


Each standing committee of the California State Senate and the Assembly operate under the Joint Rules of the Legislature, as well as the Standing Rules of the Senate and the Standing Rules of the Assembly. Further, each standing committee may adopt rules governing

Standing Committees and Their Jurisdictions (transcript)

This post is on legislative committees and their jurisdictions.


Both houses of the California legislature provide committees of legislators to do their work based upon subject matter jurisdiction.

With fewer legislators, the Senate naturally has a fewer number of committees than the State Assembly. Nonetheless,

Today’s post is on types of legislative committees.


In both the California State Assembly as well as the California State Senate, there are several types of committees that operate to conduct the business of the two houses of the California Legislature.

Committee information is available online for the Assembly at assembly.ca.gov