By: Adrienne Brungess

Improving the Lyrical Nature of Your Language with Alliteration and Repetition

In this In Practice podcast, I discuss how an advocate can effectively use alliteration and repetition to improve the lyrical nature of their arguments, without being too Seussical.

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Effectively using imagery, simile, and metaphor

In this In Practice podcast, I discuss how telling a compelling story can help an advocate clarify points and simplify complex topics. To be able to tell these stories, an advocate’s skills are greatly enhanced by a solid grasp of how to effectively use

By: Adrienne Brungess

Credibility and Ethos in Persuasion

In this In Practice podcast, I talk about ways advocates can bolster the ethos of their arguments, that is, strengthen their credibility with the audience and the judge, as well as some pitfalls to avoid that can undermine an advocate’s credibility. In short,