Why it’s difficult to raise $900 million to fight obesity and diabetes

Full disclosure: I recorded this interview with Erinn Ryberg – Leg. Director to Assembly Member Cristina Garcia and McGeorge Class of ’13 – in late December 2017. So, we refer frequently to “this year” and “next year” with this year meaning

California Gas Tax

As you’ve probably already noticed at the pump, California’s gas taxes are on their way up. But, before you (potentially) see ads bombard the airwaves later this year for and against a referenda on the gas tax, let’s break down what taxes and fees are increasing, and where those

California Cannabis Coalition v City of Upland

I recently sat down with Matt Read, the Policy Director for Sacramento City Council Member Steve Hansen, to discuss a very interesting California Supreme Court case – California Cannabis Coalition v. City of Upland. As Matt points out in the interview, the case

Hate Speech

The First Amendment prohibits the President or Congress from taking away the NFL’s tax deduction because the league permits players to engage in political protest.

The President tweeted this morning, “Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and