Welcome to Policy Change in Practice. In this series, we talk with the key people engaged in changing public policies at every level of government. Our conversations focus on how their organizations change policy, as well as their personal tips and insights into the most effective ways to make change.

Policy Change in Practice with Sosan Madanat

For our first Policy Change in Practice conversation, I sat down with Sosan Madanat, the Executive Director of the Foundation for Democracy and Justice (FDJ), which is based in Sacramento, California.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, FDJ does not engage in lobbying to achieve policy change. We talked about how it uses public education events – in libraries and at panel events and resource fairs – as a tool to change public policy and the challenges in doing so.

To learn more about the Foundation for Democracy and Justice, you can visit its website. Or you can find it on any of its social media pages:

Facebook: Foundation for Democracy and Justice

Twitter: @FDJ_CA

Instagram: fdjca