AB 1407

Today I’m following up on the conversation I had last week with Beth Hassett. Last week, Beth and I talked about the work her organization, WEAVE – Women Escaping A Violent Environment – does with coalitions like the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence – CPEDV. Feel free to go back and listen to that great conversation we had.

This week, Beth and I talked about a bill that WEAVE worked on a few years back and the impact that it’s had since becoming law. The bill was 2015’s AB 1407. You can find all the details on the legislation online courtesy of California Legislative Information – which is a fantastic resource.

We started by talking about the difficulties of getting the bill off the ground. That is not to say that the bill was a heavy lift for an author – WEAVE actually had multiple potential sponsors reach out to them. Rather, interesting and unforeseeable circumstances arose that forced WEAVE to delay going forward with the bill. You’ll just have to listen to the podcast to learn why the bill had a temporary case of failure to launch.

In addition to talking about that getting over that hurdle, we talked about some of the other behind the scenes work that went in to the process if AB 1407 going from bill to law. That includes the ins and outs of finding the right author for the bill and building a coalition of supporters.

Again, if you want to learn more about WEAVE and the work that WEAVE does, please visit their website – www.weaveinc.org. You can also find WEAVE on Facebook and Twitter @WEAVEinc.

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As always, thanks for reading and listening. Keep checking back for more In Depth conversations about California legislation.