The Lobbyist/Legislative Staffer Dynamic with Chris Micheli and Erinn Ryberg (transcript)

Today’s podcast is a conversation between two familiar voices here on CAP·impact – veteran lobbyist Chris Micheli and veteran capitol staffer (turned lobbyist since recording) Erinn Ryberg – talking about one of the most critical dynamics in the California Legislature, the working dynamic between legislative staffer and lobbyist.

The two walk through how that dynamic plays out over the course of California’s legislative process, from bill introduction through the committee process to the floor. They talk about how different offices will staff bills differently, and how that can affect the dynamic between staff and lobbyist.

It’s a freewheeling conversation that takes a comprehensive look at how to establish a solid working relationship between staffer and lobbyist, and how the power dynamics between lobbyists, staffers, and members play out in California’s legislative process.