It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our two Legislative and Public Policy Clinic students, Michelle and Keri. While there isn’t a new interview with them up … yet, there is an update on their bill, AB 1784.

Last week – June 1 to be specific – was the house of origin deadline in the California Legislature. That means that any bill introduced in the Assembly needed to be passed off of the Assembly floor, and any bill introduced in the State Senate needed to passed off of the Senate floor by the end of business on June 1.

I’ll let this tweet from Assembly Member Brian Maienschein tell you what the fate of AB 1784 was in the State Assembly.

If anything, Asm. Maienschein is underselling the support for the bill, which passed the Assembly with a vote of 78-0 with no abstentions.

It’s first stop in the State Senate is the Senate Committee on Human Services. But before we get to that next hurdle, we’ll check back in with our intrepid bar exam studiers on the lead up to the floor vote in the State Assembly.