It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our two Legislative and Public Policy Clinic students, Michelle and Keri. While there isn’t a new interview with them up … yet, there is an update on their bill, AB 1784.

Last week – June 1 to be specific – was the house of origin deadline in

The Clinic – Episode 8: The Staff/Sponsor Relationship (transcript)

Today we have a very special episode of The Clinic.  In  addition  to  Keri  and  Michelle,  we’ve  got  the  legislative  staffer  who  they’ve  been  working with very  closely,  Carli  Olson,  in  Assembly Member  Maienschein’s office  joining  us. The conversation focuses less on AB 1784 and

In today’s episode of The CAP⋅impact Podcast we are talking about California’s foster care system and. In particular, we’ll be talking about AB 1784 – authored by Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (R – San Diego) which is one bill working its way through the California Legislature aimed at improving the system. To get more information

The Personalities of Committees

On today’s episode of The Clinic Keri and Michelle discuss their experience navigating budget subcommittee hearings in the Assembly and Senate. What stood out most to Michelle was how the two different subcommittees felt like they had different personalities.

That’s largely a result of the Committee Chairs running those committees,

Goldilocks Testimony

AB 1784, having cleared it’s first hurdle – policy committee – moved on to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Keri and Michelle had been told that their bill was destined for the Suspense File and that they wouldn’t need to testify. That all changed the day before, and after a flurry of text

One Committee Down, Many More to Go

Keri and Michelle are back, and (SPOILER ALERT!) their bill, AB 1784, cleared its first major hurdle, the Assembly Committee on Human Services – and on a unanimous, 7-0 vote, no less.

The hearing was the culmination all the prep work that Michelle and Keri talked about

Preparing for Policy Committee

In today’s edition of The Clinic, we dive into the process of preparing for a policy committee hearing with Michelle and Keri. It is a long process with lots of steps and lots of people to keep in the loop along the way.

The process started with some initial

The Clinic – Episode 3: Early Stages of Coalition Building

This week on The Clinic, we speak again with Keri and Michelle about the bill they are working on with Asm. Brian Maienschein, AB 1784. This episode concentrates on the process of finding support – both inside and outside of the Building –

The Clinic – Episode 2: How an idea becomes a bill

When we last left off with our two Clinic students, Keri and Michelle, we had just learned about the Legislative and Public Policy Clinic at McGeorge. We had also just gotten to know our two students and the bill that they are working

The Clinic – Episode 1: Introducing Keri and Michelle

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new series here on CAP·impact that we’re calling The Clinic. CAP·impact exists to make it easier to understand the legislative process. We do that by utilizing the knowledge and experience of experts who work in California’s