If we’re being completely honest, the only story any of us were really following this week was the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and today’s news that a new FBI probe of Kavanaugh has been ordered.

There were, however a few other interesting stories that were buried this week that Jon Wainwright tracked down.




New York Times

Tesla Chief ELon Musk is Sued by S.E.C. in Move That Could Oust Him by Matthew Goldstein and Emily Flitter

Jon’s take: It really has not been a good run for Elon Musk lately. First he angered shareholders by smoking marijuana on camera while recording a podcast with Joe Rogan. Now his tweet from last month is coming back to haunt him.

I’m trying to process why he would do something so stupid, just to amuse his girlfriend, and now potentially be on the receiving end of the harshest penalty the S.E.C. can render. Talk about harshing the vibe, man.

Sacramento Bee

‘We have enough mischief:’ Jerry Brown vetoes later bar closing times. by Andrew Sheeler

Jon’s take: I’m going to miss Governor Brown, and I’m especially going to miss his veto messages.