In one way budget advocacy is no different than legislative or regulatory advocacy. The concept is essentially the same – to educate, and ultimately influence, lawmakers or administrative officials and staff concerning specific budget appropriations in the main budget bill or provisions of budget trailer bills.

As other capital observers have noted, the California

The 2017-18 legislative session was a lively one, as well as the last one ever to overseen by Governor Jerry Brown. To discuss the end of session and some of the historic legislation that came out of it, we talk with Aaron Brieno – Leg. Director to Sen. Ben Hueso – now former lobbyist Lexi

Advocacy in Practice with Judge Consuelo Callahan

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning Mary-Beth Moylan recently sat down with Judge Consuelo Callahan from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

They discussed Callahan’s path to the bench starting from her career right out of law school; her judicial life

Working with Legislative Committees

Today’s post is a continuation of our Rules for Effective Lobbying conversations. Today’s talk between Ray LeBov and Chris Micheli focuses in on the advice they have for lobbyists when it comes to working with committees and committee staff in the California Legislature.

The first step to being successful in

Finding an Author for Your Sponsored Legislation

Today we’re continuing our In Practice addenda to Ray LeBov’s Rules for Effective Lobbying series. Today’s podcast drops in again on a conversation between veteran lobbyists Ray LeBov and Chris Micheli talking about how to find an author for your sponsored bill. This is one of the

Underground Regulations and the Role of OAL

Today we’ll be exploring underground regulations and the role of the Office of Administrative Law, OAL.

OAL is charged with ensuring that agency and department regulations are “Clear, necessary, legally valid, and available to the public.” OAL as you’ll recall, is also responsible for

Common Mistakes Lobbyists Make

Today’s podcast is a slightly different take on our In Practice series. It’s actually part In Practice as well as part addendum to Ray LeBov’s Rules for Effective Lobbying series.

The podcast today is from a fly on the wall regular perspective of a conversation between contributors – and

Making Effective Regulatory Agency Presentations

Today we are continuing my series on how to be a more effective regulatory advocate. Today’s podcast is about making effective regulatory agency presentations and other avenues an advocate can utilize to influence rulemaking bodies.

There are a few basics to making effective regulatory agency presentations. Those are:

Using Influence and Navigating the California Legislature

For today’s podcast, I sat down with Fredericka McGee (McGeorge Class of ’91). Fredericka spent an extensive part of her career working in the California Legislature as General Counsel and Deputy Chief of Staff for five Speakers of the Assembly. She is now the

Types of State Agencies

Today I will be continuing my series of podcasts on how to be a more effective state regulatory agency advocate. In my first post, I gave a brief overview of Regulatory Advocacy. Today, I’ll look at the types of rule-making bodies in California state government.

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