Using Influence and Navigating the California Legislature

For today’s podcast, I sat down with Fredericka McGee (McGeorge Class of ’91). Fredericka spent an extensive part of her career working in the California Legislature as General Counsel and Deputy Chief of Staff for five Speakers of the Assembly. She is now the

Perseverance Equals Persistence Plus Patience

In today’s podcast, I talk about my fifth rule for being an effective lobbyist; understanding that perseverance equals persistence plus patience. While perseverance is correctly cited as being key to a lobbyist’s success, it is also critical to an advocate’s success to not engage in the fallacy of

Be a Sponge

In this In Practice podcast, I talk about my first rule for being an effective lobbyist, which is to be a sponge. It might sound fairly common sense, but this rule has served me well throughout my career as an advocate. These are not just helpful for