By: Tyler Wood

The Greensheets issue of The University of the Pacific Law Review (UPLR) is a time honored tradition at McGeorge School of Law. It traces its history back to 1969, when Volume 1 critiqued legislation signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan. We’re now on Volume 48. Greensheets is more than just the most popular Law Review issue of the year, but it’s also one the most widely read issues of any law review in the country by state legislators, judges, and lobbyists.

So what is Greensheets, exactly? Authoring the Introduction to UPLR’s first volume (then known as the Pacific Law Journal), Earl Warren, then Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and former Governor of California captured the enduring vision that still guides our work today, saying in part:

“Without detailed information on the legislative history of a given bill, the courts, of necessity, are left to their own resources to determine the rationale underlying a particular statute. It is such information, together with a critical analysis of newly enacted legislation, which the Pacific Law Journal intends to provide. For that reason, I believe it to be a welcome addition to the field of jurisprudence, and I extend to the staff of the Journal my best wishes for a successful endeavor.”

Today on the podcast, I recap the bills In Session covered this year and provide updates on whether each bill ultimately became law. Thank you so much for following these blog posts and listening to our podcast this season. Stay tuned next fall to hear a new host talk about a new group of bills with a new group of staff-writers. And make sure to check out all of our episodes from Season 1. The bills we looked at this year were:

Episode 1: SB 258 – Cleaning Product Labeling

Episode 2: AB 954 – Food Labeling

Episodes 3 & 4: SB 10 – Bail

Episode 5: AB 1008 – Employment Discrimination

Episode 6: Nevada AB 391 – Bestiality

Episode 7: AB 1528 – Cannabis

Episode 8: AB 1227 – Human Trafficking

Episode 9: SB 33 – Arbitration Clauses

Episode 10: SB 54 – Sanctuary State

Tyler Wood is the Chief Legislation Editor for the University of the Pacific Law Review and law student student at McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento.